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O. W. Landergren
1500 W. Housatonic St.
Pittsfield MA 01201
Ready for pickup on 3/11/2008
Carrier can pick up between:
10:00am and 4:00pm

George Goodrich
Email: George@owlandergren.com
When the shipment is not available for pick up at the time specified, you will be assessed a "truck ordered, not used" penalty.
Etlon Corp
850 Dillon Dr
Wood Dale IL 60191
Carrier can deliver between:
10:00am and 4:00pm

Phil Nolte

Shipment details: Modify
Carrier: FedEx National LTL
Estimated transit: 3 business days
1 Crate of New commercial goods   total weight: 295 lbs.   freight class: 175     dimensions: 54 x54 x36  in.     stackable: no     hazardous: no       
description: Two Aluminum Toroids NMFC number:            
fuel surcharge: yes

If the carrier reweighs or reclassifies a shipment, additional charges may be assessed.
Total charges:
Base charges: $244.02
Fuel surcharge: $40.34
Total freight charge: $284.36 USD

Need a guaranteed on-time delivery?

For only $85.15 more, the carrier will guarantee delivery within 3 business days or your money back.

A dock or a forklift must be available at the origin and the destination or a liftgate pickup/delivery fee will be applied.

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