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Filing A Claim
Submit Basic
Claim Information
Fax Required
Filing a Claim
Step 2) FAX the following documents to 866.318.4373
To enable us to process a claim, please provide the following required documentation and
reference the Bill of Lading number on each page or document:
A. Original invoice declaring the value of the shipment. If the original invoice is not available, send
    a letter stating how the shipment value is determined
B. Repair estimate or invoice, if applicable
C. Salvage allowance if irreparable
Do's and Don'ts of Freight Claims
  • DO: Pay for the freight charges before forwarding or faxing the required documents. The carrier requires freight charges to be paid in full prior to processing a claim.
  • DO: Notify our office immediately if damage is found after delivery. The carrier must be notified to make a request for inspection.
  • DO NOT: Dispose of damaged merchandise or packaging until instructed by the carrier or
Please be Aware:
In the event of damage, it is the consignee's duty by law to reduce the carrier's loss in any way possible. Permission is needed from the carrier to effect repairs, when possible, provided such action does reduce loss.
  • Carriers have 30 days in which to acknowledge a claim.
  • Carriers have 120 days to process a claim to resolution.
  • When multiple parties are involved, the resolution time may be longer.
  • An inspection report does not serve as a claim nor is it an acknowledgement of liability of the carrier.
To ensure proper posting to your account, please reference the Bill of Lading number on your check and remit to:, 16025 W 113th St, Lenexa KS  66219 * Fax documents to 866.318.4373

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