Terry Blake gets a new 3KVA mini pig

I have used Potential Transformers for my portable Tesla Coiling systems, but I really wanted to have a small pole pig. I had heard of and seen some really small pigs and wanted one for myself. I was told that the 3KVA pigs were really small (less than 150 pounds), but could be pushed well over 5 KVA for short periods. I contacted the guy on eBay who often has pole pigs for sale. He lists Makanda, IL for item Location. I asked if he had such a creature, and he said;

Hello, I do not have direct access to them as I work as a broker. I can tell you though that they are smaller and lighter than a 5kva, but I do not know how much. My guess is about 150 pounds or so. I can make a request when you order for the smallest one in the warehouse. Thanks, larry

Later on, this huge truck from Solomon appeared. Not sure how they got that big truck down the suburban streets, but they did.

So here's the little 3KVA piglet next to it's 10 KVA big brother.

What's that you say? The 3KVA does not look smaller than the 10 KVA?

Hmmm, let me check it out. Yes, you are correct.
The 3 KVA is a little shorter than the 10 KVA, but it is wider and is actually heavier (285 pounds vs 212 pounds).

My expected piglet is actually a big hog that is even harder to move than the pigs I already have.
This was the smallest 3KVA they had?

Ckeck out my other 2 pigs from the 2002 Cheesehead Teslathon

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