Medium Tesla Coil

The Medium Tesla coil is 25" tall with a base that is 18" x 24".
The 4"x22" secondary is PVC wound with #26 magnet wire.
The flat-spiral primary is 1/4" copper water tubing, tuned with a clamp.
The spark gap was two copper tubes dangled in the air from wires (pix with the arc light at the base).
Then, a 7-segment static gap with ceramic-tile containment box was constructed.
The cap is a 0.02 uF @45 KV Maxwell.
The toroid is a 12" x 3" spun aluminum from Information Unlimited.
The power supply is one 15KV / 60 mA FranceFormer Neon Sign Transformer.
The base is connected to an 8' ground rod using a thick copper jumper cable.
The sparks are about 36" long, which is about 500,000 volts.