Magnifier Tesla Coil

The secondary coil of the Magnifier should be made of very thick wire to handle the tremendous current that will be created.

How about 500 feet of 12 gauge THHN stranded wire.  About 125 turns.

The secondary wire: 500 feet of stranded copper 12 gauge, a drive impedance of 0.9 ohms.

The ever popular winding jig.  Disks of polyethylene made from kitchen cutting boards are press fit into each end.  These can be used as end caps after we are done winding.

It always starts with that first turn.

Going pretty darn fast.

Done.  That was way faster than winding the typical 1000 turns on a Classic TC secondary.

Gotta beat the end cap down into the tube, so the toroid sits just above the top.  But this is kinda what it will look like.
Way different from the usual red magnet wire stuff.