Magnifier Tesla Coil

The Magnifier Tesla coil project has started prior to the completion of the HUGE Tesla coil project.
Couldn't resist,  because I found a cool carona ring on eBay.
It is still cold out, so I have time to get both working before showtime this spring.

I already have the perfect power supply (30 KV @ 250 mA bombarder transformer with slide choke), a HUGE output terminal (30" x  9" aluminum spun toroid), and several Multi-Mini Capacitors that can be used with this coil. The tough part will be the spark gap that must quench faster than those used in the Classic Tesla coil.  The recommended gap is a rotary with 8 segments that are hooked up in series and fire all at once.  They drive dual capacitors in a balanced fashion know as the equi-drive configuration.  This will be a big pain, so I'll try some regular gaps first.

So here it is, a 16" x 2" aluminum toroid for a carona ring.  I was told it came from Boeing.

I wonder what this baby was used for?

Time to cut some PVC duct pipe.  It is 14" diameter x 5 feet long.  I only need 24" long.
To cut it to 24" and keep it square, wind a straight-edge around it at the right place, and mark a line.

There's the line, and a rather wide polyethylene sheet straight-edge.  And some duct tape, of course.

Now make the cut.

Cool, 24".  It can be made perfect on the winding jig, with the router.  Later.

Great fit.

I am getting scared already.  If this thing doesn't get the police over to my house, then I don't feel safe.

The primary wire: 50 feet of 3/8" copper tube
The secondary wire: 500 feet of stranded copper 12 gauge

The secondary will have a drive impedance of 0.9 ohms.  Don't get in the way.