Huge Tesla Coil Secondary

ZEN of Winding the Secondary

12.5" x 60" grey PVC duct pipe
Circumference: 39"

4500 feet of 18 gauge heavy build magnet wire
Turns: 1400
Weight: 22 LB

Inductance: 112 mH
Resonant Frequency: 95 KHz

MUST HAVE: DC gearmotor with 1/2 inch chuck.

It tops out at about 200 RPM with a ton of torque, but that is way too fast.

AC variac with power rectifier and foot-controller. UL approval pending

10000 feet 18 gauge magnet wire. expect to use about 4500 feet. end caps were broken in transit. this is gonna suck.

Wire spool on top of lasy-susan, on top of a garbage can that fit perfectly.

Broken wire spool on top of spinning rig and fuel for human power.

First crew: Terry is winding and Chris is unrolling.

Tension wire with one hand, guide and cram wire with other hand.

Using my fingernails to guide and cram.  Boths hands are feeling pain.

New crew: Chris moves to winding, Paul takes over unrolling, Bill holds rig in place and helps unroll.

Paul and Bill enjoying a typical friday night at Terry's house.

Adding wood sticks inside to reduce tilting problems.

Chris decides to try a rag instead of his fingernails.

Many supervisors are required for a job like this.  Larry, Mike and Bill make sure things are going OK

Chris has honed his technique to reduce pain.

Mike and Bill take over for Paul.  Chris has mastered his technique and insists on completion.

Almost done.


Comparison of big coil (8" x 31") to HUGE coil (12" x 60").

Remaining wire for another HUGE coil someday. TWINS.