Huge Tesla Coil

The HUGE Tesla coil will consist of the following:
12.5" x 60" grey PVC duct pipe for secondary
4500 feet of 18 gauge heavy build magnet wire
1.25 " x 100 feet spring bronze weatherstrip for primary
30" x  9" aluminum spun toroid
30 KV @ 250 mA bombarder transformer with slide choke
0.06 uF at 45 KV capacitor (MMC type)
Sparkgap is TBD

This is what the tower is gonna look like.
It is already about 5.5 feet tall without a primary coil or stand for the other stuff.

The darn PVC has a scrape in it.  That will have to be fixed.

Good old bondo.

Mmmmm, bondo.

Sanded and ready to seal with polyurethane.  It must be sealed because PVC absorbs water.

Oil based polyurethane applied.

Hard and glossy.

Don't forget, the inside needs to be sealed.

Don't forget, always wear a mask.

10000 feet of 18 gauge magnet wire, ready to go.  We'll need about 4500 feet.
The spool was broken in transit.  This is a problem.

High voltage diodes and immersion tank to make a 125 KV rectifier

Bombarder transformer and slide choke.  Rated 30 KV @ 250 mA.
I've been able to get over 500 mA.
That's 15,000 watts!