The BIGGG Tesla Coil Movie

Constructed and Operated
Kevin EldridgeJuly 21, 2001

Filmed, edited, and converted to Video CD
Ted Rosenberg

Ted Rosenberg took a trip to Oklahoma to see Kevin's BIGGG Tesla Coil.  He filmed the coil setup and operation.

Ted then created an excellent video CD (MPEG1) of the BIGGG Tesla Coil.  The entire movie is almost 7 minutes long, and takes up about 70 MegaBytes of space on a CD.

So you gotta have the original 70 MegaByte file?

That DivX stuff not good enough for you?

Got that high-speed Internet connection and wanna light it up?

If you DO NOT have a high-speed Internet connection, here is what you are in for.
128 Kbps 1 Hrs 13 Min
56 Kbps 2 Hrs 45 Min
28 Kbps 5 Hrs 33 Min
14 Kbps 11 Hrs 6 Min

Can't talk you out of it? Fine.

Then I suggest you download it to your hard drive first.

For Windows 98SE and Internet Explorer 6.0;
RIGHT click the URL, select "Save target As...", and pick your folder.

70 MB